Friday, July 10, 2009

Events To Mark

Had a couple noteworthy items for today: one, it's my 3-year service anniversary at my company, which may not sound like much, but is a personal record for me; and two, we sold the Volvo. Finally. After about nine months of paying for a car we never drove, and spending beyond our means, we found four buyers in two weeks and one finally came through for us. I watched with utter relief as the car drove off tonight. That's $600/month that we just gained in our budget. I will never, ever buy another pricey car like that. Keeping up with the Joneses is overrated.

I did take the kids out to lunch and to the park this morning (photo from park), so with the car buying event this afternoon, I didn't get any significant work done today. The kids, however, had a blast, and were generally in good moods all day long.

Tomorrow Claire has a birthday party to attend, but we have no other set plans for the weekend. We never do. With teething toddlers who still nap (and a husband who works a good half the weekend), I contend that set plans are too stressful. Flexibility in playtime activities but rigidity to schedule remains the key to sanity. I'll finally get around to weekend plans and commitments in about another year when the twins no longer nap.

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