Monday, July 20, 2009

Look Ma, No Helmet!

The nanny returned from her 3-week Europe trip, so we are back to our normal schedule. And what that means is that I returned home tonight to sticky kitchen countertops and crumbs everywhere, which isn't exactly helping our ant infestation problem. Sigh. The young babysitter really highlighted the difference between having a neat freak sitter and a messy one. I think it's time I revisit the household rules with our usual nanny.

More noteworthy is that she had at least one major safety oversight today. She took the kids to the park, and she let Claire ride her bike down there. I don't even let Claire ride a bike when I'm alone with the kids, as Claire's bike riding skills aren't good enough yet and with my hands on a stroller I know I can't get to her in case something goes wrong. So while it's scary that she felt comfortable with Claire biking mostly unsupervised, it is much worse that she forgot, yes, forgot, Claire's helmet. So my amateur bike rider rode down big hills with no helmet while the nanny followed with her hands pushing a jogger stroller. Yikes. Big Yikes.

And folks, I'm no softie. Safety oversights set me off more than anything else (just ask Kyle) and I have torn into several family members for doing unsafe things with the kids. But I'm in no position to change nannies. Our current nanny has stayed with us for nearly a year now (a record for us), and she does love the kids and treat them well, and nannies who show up on time and stick with you for a year don't just fall out of the sky. So while I'm upset tonight, I recognize my only recourse is to remind her of my freakiness about safety and suggest they don't do anymore bike riding. Oh, and by the way, could she wipe down the countertops too?

So tonight I'll just remain thankful that no head injuries occurred today and hope that better judgment is used going forward.

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