Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Thud

As I predicted, Lily took another tumble out of bed. She just couldn't help herself from trying it again (fortunately, she was not hurt this time either). So tonight, the crib tent was installed (photo shows Kyle unsuccessfully trying to calm down a spastic Lily). She is terrified of it, and is screaming upstairs as I write this. It's all so fascinating, because Claire loved the crib tent including the first night she slept in it. Lily is just not good with change. Not at all. And I fully admit my fuse tends to be short with kids who cannot adjust to something new within a reasonable amount of time. Lily loves to hang her feet and arms out of the bed, through the slats of the crib, and this crib tent removes that access (which I think is great, because she wakes herself up screaming from cranking a leg between the slats when she turns over in her sleep). But I can imagine how she's upstairs right now panicking because she can't soothe herself to sleep in the normal hang-her-legs-and-arms-out-of-the-bed manner. We'll see how many nights it takes her to accept the new sleeping arrangement, but at least we have peace of mind that she won't be breaking any bones from bed falls.

The sixteen-year-old babysitter watched the kids today and seemed to do an excellent job. Other than Claire drinking half a Coke (oh yes, my child lied and told "Sam" she is allowed Coke if her behavior is good), I have no complaints. The aftermath of a new sitter, however, is always awful - the kids go into full meltdown as soon as the new person leaves. Molly went first, then Claire, and of course now Lily although admittedly Lily's meltdown is unrelated to the sitter. So we've had an awful string of tantrums and screaming from each kid tonight. Who said change was easy?

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