Thursday, July 30, 2009

Product Testing

I'm usually not the lucky sort, but today I hit the jackpot: we were gifted with four super high-end boutique girl dresses, size 2T, to "test drive" for the sake of a product review. Claire's friend's mother writes a blog for Baby Center (most of you moms know this website well - the weekly emails the site sends on pregnancy stages and kid milestones are great fun to read), and because she reviews products as well as writes funny parenting stories, she gets sent free products so vendors get extra advertising and exposure. Her size 5T daughter wasn't going to squeeze into 2T dresses, and her little 2T boy would look awfully funny in gorgeous dresses, so she asked if I'd write the product review and supply her some photos of the twins wearing the dresses. Um, yes! You don't have to ask me twice for that. We do get to keep the dresses.

So if you ever go browsing through Baby Center blogs, you might run across a photo of Molly and Lily!

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