Saturday, July 18, 2009

The World According To Molly

Molly was quite the handful this morning. I got the kids out for a walk to the neighborhood park/walking trail, and Molly cried about everything. We went to McDonald's for lunch and she acted better, but still put on a show. I watched her behavior in disbelief. If she had a real vocabulary, I swear the following is what she'd be thinking.

We're going to do things my way this morning. If I want to walk now, we're walking. I don't care if my sisters want to play on the playground, I want to walk now. If I want to pet a dog this second, I want a dog to appear. Why can't you make a dog appear? Where are the dogs? I want a cup. No, I'm done with the cup. Pick me up. No, I want to walk. Don't put me in the wagon!! I'm going to drag my foot on the ground because you forced me into the wagon, and I'm going to ruin my sandal. And I'm going to give you an evil grin while I do it. I'm going to cry for as long as I can and see if you react. What? You aren't reacting? I'll still cry anyways. Yum, you finally fed me. I like McDonald's. Thank you for the chocolate milk, because if you hadn't given me some, I would have screamed for Claire's chocolate milk. More. French fries. Ooops, I dropped my hamburger. Oh, wait, what is Lily drinking? White milk? OK, I want some of hers too. But I like the chocolate milk. Well, I like both. Heck, I'm going to drink both at the same time. Look at me, mommy, I'm drinking both of them at the same time. OK, I'm done with the food now and want to walk around McDonald's screeching and annoying the other patrons. Oh, the stairs are so much fun. I do not want to ride in the wagon on the way home! I am going to scream the whole way. I do not want you to change my diaper before my nap. No. I'm going to hide. Awww, darn, you caught me. Oops, I tooted. Hmmm, that was a funny noise. Let me try that again. Ah ha! I did it again. Wait, again. Ha ha! Oh, wait, this is fantastic, let me try that again. OK, I want a book to take in my bed. That one. See you later, mommy, and you know you're all mine. I want all the attention, and I'll make sure I figure out a way to get it.

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Nancy said...

Good luck on you "My Way" day!!!!!! let us know how it goes!