Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wrapping Up A Long Weekend

A 3-day weekend every week would be just about perfect. I'm well rested, refreshed for the work grind tomorrow, and we had a good mix this weekend of events, ordinary errands, and just plain old fun outside play time so everyone is happy. Well, everyone was happy until Molly woke up from her nap in a super cranky mood this evening, so we're not sure if she's teething again or getting sick. We'll know more by tomorrow.

Other than Molly's evening crankiness and a chaotic lunch at Culver's today, we had a nice afternoon and took the kids to Deanna Rose again (photos posted). As always, the twins loved the goats and swinging, but Claire was a little bored by today's visit. So while the twins napped Claire and I shopped for a birthday present and made the weekly HyVee trip, where I could only think through about three nights worth of dinners this week so I'll be back at the store soon enough.

After a month of Claire staying up until 11pm or midnight, we're finally getting her back on track. I asked Kyle this week to consistently wake her around 7:30am when the twins wake up (he was allowing her to sleep in as late as she wanted), and sure enough the plan is beginning to work. I knew consistency was the key, and hopefully now Kyle will see that waking her pays great dividends in the evening. I am tired of not having a kid-free stretch in the evening.

Tomorrow: an office day, and another day with the 16-year-old watching the kids.

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