Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Garden, Part Eight

I'm posting new (and exciting!) photos of our tomato growth from today. The garden is having some mixed results. We lost our lettuce to something. We're not sure if the heat killed it or an animal that burrowed under the fence. Our green beans are struggling - I actually think the tomato plants are choking off their growth now, but am not sure. Gardeners, any tips for us? We're learning and clearly need advice.

The tomato plants haven't produced an edible tomato yet, but more tomato buds have formed and our first bud is now a good-sized tomato. I am anticipating the joy of eating this first tomato. I told Claire that she and I would share it - no one else will get a bite of the first one.

I have no idea how the carrots are doing (no orange is showing above the ground yet), and it looks as though we'll have a bumper crop of cucumbers if they'll ever start growing. The vines are everywhere (see photo) and we are working hard to keep them from choking off the other vegetables. I think we only ended up with one or two pepper plants that sprouted correctly, so I'm not hopeful we'll get peppers out of this garden.

I'm betting by end of July that first tomato will be ready, and you can be sure to see a post on it then.

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