Saturday, July 25, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

When you're a kid, a parent's birthday is nearly as exciting as your own - there's still cake to be had, candles to help blow out, cards and presents to open. So at 10pm tonight it should be assumed by all that Claire is still awake and wired. In fact, Papa just left (thanks for bringing barbeque, tomatoes, and corn, Papa!), and Claire is upset that our fun in the basement had to end. She's making a bunch of noise upstairs now to register her displeasure.

The twins, of course, have no clue what a birthday is. They just know that they played outside a lot today, and got to see Papa, and tried a bite of cake (which both girls rejected).

And now I can post a photo of Claire decorating Kyle's cake from yesterday ... she had such a serious demeanor about her role in the secret cake baking, which we hid from Kyle until this afternoon ...

And a photo of Claire helping Kyle blow out his candles tonight ...

So Kyle should have had a relatively decent birthday, up until the call an hour ago about an accident with one of his work trucks, and now he's dealing with state troopers and tow shops and a big mess that had very unfortunate timing.

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