Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monkey See Monkey Do

Thanks to reader "City Girl" for suggesting the YouTube video option ... I finally have a way for everyone to see the video of the twins' copycat behavior:


What it shows is how funny the copycat behavior can be right now. If you remove Claire and the twins decide to interact (without the distraction of big sister), they will basically copy whatever the other one is doing. It's hysterical and fascinating at the same time. I love snack time, after nap, when Claire is away - that is the best time to catch them playing this copycat game. It is very entertaining.

The video starts out slow (you can't quite hear the mouth noises they're making, but they are copying each other) and it ends with them being distracted by a fly buzzing around the room ("bug" as they keep yelling at me in the video), but in the middle it's a funny case study of copycat behavior ... I drink, you drink .... you cough, I cough .... you say "momma", I say "momma", and so on.

And I'm totally amazed this post has taken me three whole days to finish.

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City Girl said...

Try You Tube. Then you could put a link to it here. I've had luck there when other pages don't let 'longer' ones (I know...4 min doesn't seem long!) work.