Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Garden, Part Nine

We have cucumber sightings! Tonight Claire and Kyle sifted through the mass of vines and found three recognizable cucumbers. As I've said before, if the health of the cucumber plants continues, we will likely overflow with these vegetables. Or maybe I'm wrong and the correlation between the mass of vines and actual cucumber yield is not a direct relationship, and we'll only get a normal amount of them. Seasoned gardeners could probably tell me what to expect. We just haven't found those experienced home gardeners yet.

On another happy note, I found the pen cap. I know, everyone probably thought I was joking about the pen cap loss at the DMV yesterday; however, I tend toward boring honesty, so I've been paranoid about intestinal blockages and perforations since yesterday. The babysitter told me that Molly had been a bit low energy today and I immediately noticed the same when I got home from the office tonight. I panicked about her health and then forced myself to dig carefully through my purse, and sure enough the pen cap was in there. So now I'm perplexed by Molly's noticeable fatigue and less-than-feisty attitude. Something isn't normal here. And so it seems as soon as I jettison one worry, I have another.

I've got WFH days the remainder of the week, which sounds lovely on the surface, but with continuing work pressures and deadlines I know the next few days will be challenging. Let's just hope Molly doesn't throw a curve ball and get sick with something. We've had another blissful stretch with no sicknesses and I am in no mood to descend into sick kid purgatory.

We had our last day with the 15-year-old babysitter today (nanny returns next week) and I was sad to see her go. The upside is that we found ourselves a new babysitter when she can find time between competitive softball and her other activities.

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