Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lost And Found

When I was a girl, my mother was always losing things (um, actually, this still holds true for her, but never mind). I, with the engineering brain, was always finding them for her. I was able to re-trace her steps in a way she could never execute herself. In fact, it became such a common activity that she even paid me a few times for finding things for her.

Tonight, Claire got to play that role for me. I lost an earring at work (not in the 'duh, I put it in the wrong place' kind of loss a la my mother, but in a 'it-fell-out-of-my-ear' kind of loss). After dinner, Claire went back to work with me, where we re-traced my steps. And who found the earring? Claire. She found it on the sidewalk, a little worse for the wear, but at least she found it.

She then begged, begged to see my desk - I'm not exactly sure what excitement it holds, other than the hope that there was a candy dish nearby - so we spent a little time at the office. It actually turned out to be a pretty nice evening, thanks to our adventure.

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