Monday, June 15, 2009

The Garden, Part Six

I remain in childlike amazement at my own garden: this is the shortest farm-to-table I've ever experienced. Tonight we picked the green beans for the first time and immediately cooked them. How delectable. They had this fantastic crispness that didn't quickly turn to mush while cooking (like store-bought green beans), and the flavor was intense. Two neighbors watched us pick the green beans and the adult of the group seemed to be salivating over the thought of fresh, oh-so-fresh, green beans for dinner. She was right to salivate. They were as good as they looked.

I was at work all day and didn't get home until much later than normal, so I feel out of touch with the kids' moods today. I have noted that Molly seems to be exploding in two-word phrases all the sudden which is a monumental shift in language development. Tonight she "answered" the phone when my mother called for Claire, and she kept yelling, "Claire? BB", to tell Claire that BB was on the phone - she even had the right voice inflection for 'Claire, where are you?' and 'It's BB on the phone'. Very cute. Of course there was nothing cute about her as she wailed for dinner tonight, literally pulling my shirt and batting at me, but once her blood sugar was correctly situated she was back to the usual Molly antics. Sometimes, I imagine her at Claire's age, and fear the next couple years - she is going to give feisty Claire a run for her money. Molly is more drama, and more volume, than any kid I've got. She's also by far the most openly loving and cuddly kid I've got. She lives large. My, does she. Lily, on the other hand, has become quietly defiant. She openly (and with glee) ignores requests, pretends she's absorbed in play, stays nicely quiet and reserved, and then feigns shock when she gets a time-out over her behavior. I've finally caught on to her game. I repeat myself again: could my twins be more opposite?

Tomorrow: a WFH day with all the juggling that entails.

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