Saturday, June 20, 2009

Morning Mall Trip

The kids and I had a great morning at the "dirt mall". Freakishly, Molly was on best behavior. She didn't scream at the mall (other than when I made her leave), and Molly and Lily both thought the play structure was fantastic fun. We then had a fun lunch at Waffle House. Not only did I not have to rush out due to Molly's typical restaurant screaming, but I was able to languish a while because Molly kept saying she wasn't ready to leave. She was enjoying playing with the ice water. So after at least a six-week break from Waffle House, I finally got to indulge and actually enjoyed the experience with the three kids. I'm horrified to find out the twins didn't like the scattered and covered hash browns though!

It's now raining, the twins are napping, and Claire and I are stuck at home while Kyle works the whole day today.

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