Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Garden, Part Seven

We spotted our first tomato tonight! It definitely needs more growing time (what, a few weeks? I don't even know), but the sighting of it brings pure joy! During tomato season, we can easily eat 15 pounds of tomatoes a week - we just slice them, add salt and pepper, and eat them with any dinner we're serving. Mouth sores from all the acid are a common side effect of this summer over-indulgence.

We also ate our second round of fresh green beans tonight, picked just minutes before dinner hit the table. If you enjoy a well-seasoned grilled meat hunk, accompanied by white trash hash brown potato casserole, then the fresh green beans are the perfect vegetable for taste and color. You can see how pretty dinner looked tonight.

Had a great afternoon with the kids, including a HyVee trip for the meat hunks and lots of outdoor play time. If Molly could sustain her (relatively tantrum-free) behavior from today, I would count myself utterly lucky.

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