Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Garden, Part Four

Claire and I shared a "first" today - we ate food from our own garden. The only thing we can eat so far is the lettuce, and we used it for tonight's salad. The best part? My kid asked for lettuce at snack time today. Lettuce. I hope the healthy trend continues as more edible food appears.

Photos are of our garden and lettuce (the tomatoes in the photo are store bought as our tomato plants haven't produced anything yet).

We had a pretty nice day. Papa joined us for a hectic lunch at Dean & Deluca (hectic because Molly won't sit still or be quiet and Lily refuses to eat turkey meat and cheese), but afterwards we had a nice trip to Suburban Lawn & Garden. For you parents not in the know, it's like a fantastic park for the kids, complete with lots of swing sets, free popcorn, cheap food and drinks, nice restrooms, and of course the golf carts you can freely drive around. It's a wonderful place for the kids, and trust me, they won't notice if you don't buy any plants.

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