Thursday, June 11, 2009


Lily, our tactile sensory kid, is also a little rough with things. She likes to bang on things, throw them, whack them around. Today she beheaded her security blanket. I have absolutely no idea how (or why) a 20-something pounder found the strength to pull the animal head off her night-night blanket but she accomplished the feat within 20 minutes after waking from her nap. Needless to say, the blanket is in the closet tonight and probably won't be used again because it's a bit shredded. Too bad I can't sew.

But what an apt visual for our night tonight, when all-around kid chaos erupted around dinner time. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to cut my own head off or theirs. Like the last few weeks, I had a non-stop work day that didn't end until 5:30pm. The kids were like wild animals, bored and screaming around the house while I tried to troubleshoot a work issue. Finally, I gave up on work and took them outside which helped - the natives became less restless (and Lily ate more gravel, because she likes the way it feels). However, as the dinner bell was ringing (thank you, Amy's Enchilada's, for another easy dinner) Claire threw a ferocious 30-minute tantrum about not getting to eat outside with Ashley (neighbor kid) and the twins were a little bothered by all the screaming and didn't want to eat much as a result. Not to mention my dinner was ruined by Claire's behavior. Afterward, I did baths for the twins and then got them to bed. The first song I always sing them is "If You're Happy And You Know It ..." (they try to do all the actions, like clap, which is quite funny), but tonight I didn't sing that song with the usual gusto. I'm not happy. Too much work, too much kid craziness. Last night I was up until midnight weeding my inbox from 714 emails to 44. Impressive end result, but it took four hours to get there. I really need some downtime.

Live update: Claire is now in my face saying she needs a spanking (for her previous behavior). "Mom, give me a spanking." I'm saying no. She's arguing the point. She's just vying for attention now and trying to avoid bedtime.

Wow, tonight seems never ending. It's a good thing we all still have our heads.

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