Friday, June 12, 2009

A Haircut

Haircuts are such a rarity for the girls in our household that it's worth noting when someone gets a trim (the twins won't get their first for another year and a half or so - I like my girls with long hair). Today Claire lost three inches of her locks, and got a beautiful braid job from the hair lady. I took photos of Claire picking lettuce in the garden (which we had with dinner tonight) to make sure I could show off the new hairdo. It's a rare event to see Claire with smooth, combed hair, so I thought she looked great today.

Another long day here - I had the kids from 8:30am to 6:30pm by myself and I threw in a lunch outing and the haircut to mix up the routine a bit. Molly was horrible at lunch and at the haircut place; Lily was temperamental tonight. It seems they are opposites in terms of their best/happiest times of the day. That shouldn't surprise me. Just about everything with them seems to be opposite.

Work slowed down a little, but not nearly as slow as a typical Friday. This allowed me to pick the lettuce, do the haircut trip and get some laundry done too.

I'm just happy it's Friday and my work inbox is still under 100 emails. I have no plans for the weekend but want to do something fun (though Kyle works tomorrow, so I won't have his help with the kids again). I need a break from work, cooking dinners, and cleaning because Monday will come too soon.

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