Monday, June 8, 2009

TV Brain

If parents don't think that television is riveting for young kids, look no further than my photo tonight for proof. The girls should have been enjoying some fun with the push car, but instead froze mid-action in front of the tv.

Of course I have to use this to my advantage while working at home, but other times it pains me to see the course of their play so clearly affected by that brain rot. Um, yes, I should have turned off the tv tonight, and actually after snapping the photo I did. Then they just fought like mad over who would get to sit in the car.

I just figured out why Lily has horrendously crooked upper teeth. Literally 25 minutes ago I looked in her mouth and realized she grew an extra tooth, hence the reason why one of them is completely sideways in her mouth. It had to make room for the extra (it seems to be an extra eye tooth). I guess I can wait until their 2-year appointment to ask the doctor what one should do about extra teeth. I have no family members who have grown extra teeth - in fact, we tend to have fewer teeth than the average person (I only grew two wisdom teeth). So I'll have to ask Kyle if he has some toothiness going on in his side of the family.

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City Girl said...

Hi. I just started following your blog - we have a 4 year old, with twins on the way! Anyway, our singleton actually has an extra tooth too and it was the first I'd heard of that happening! They recommended we see a Pediatric Dentist yearly so that they could keep tabs on it. At the dentist they have said it is so far not a problem. They will take x-rays when he is a little older to see if they can tell whether there is also an extra adult tooth waiting in the wings...if there is they may need to do something when they start coming in.