Friday, June 19, 2009

Play Now, Pay Later

At 6pm tonight, when I was still working (and trying to get dinner ready too), I explained to Claire that our morning playing at the park and lunch at Mr. Goodcents meant that the whole afternoon ended up being work time. That explanation doesn't quite resonate with a 4-year-old kid. It was definitely a play now, pay later day - I was determined to get the kids out this morning for some fun, but my afternoon was all work and no play because of our park time.

Photos from this morning (yes, Lily has her fingers in her ears in the one - there were really loud mowers going at that moment). This park is a haul from the house, but I love it because it's shaded by huge trees so the heat isn't scorching. I wish I had enough money to live in one of the nearby houses .... ah, one can dream, right?

Lunchtime was pure hell - there's no other way to put it. Molly was having none of that sit-and-eat business, so she screamed, ran around the restaurant, and pulled out chip bags and threw them on the floor. With all eyes on us, I gave up, and ate about half my lunch today. I hurried the kids out the door, frustrated and embarrassed. At least the park was fun.

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