Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day started out with a bang. Or a thud, really. At 7:30am this morning, Kyle fell down the stairs carrying the twins, and while he protected the (frightened) twins from the fall, his elbow took a beating. With blood splashed on the walls, carpet, and dripping down his arm, he pronounced that he had to get stitches. But once he got over his initial alarm, things calmed down and I went back to sleep. Yes, I slept in on Father's Day. Maybe, just maybe, that's a tacit acknowledgment of all I do for this family.

We went out to the "new" Napoleon Bakery for lunch and I can't say I'm impressed with the new ownership. Besides service being far too slow, my Caprese sandwich came with, *gasp*, shredded mozzarella cheese - so don't waste your time on that menu item.

On the way back home, Kyle decided he wanted his elbow checked by the Urgent Care clinic. There began an hour-long fiasco that involved bad advice and not enough up-front research. In the end, Kyle never got his elbow checked at all today. We learned one valuable lesson: possible stitch sites must be checked within four hours of the injury.

So I believe Claire ended up having the best Father's Day of anyone in this family. While Kyle relaxed at home during the twins' nap time, I took Claire to the mall for some fun. She rode the carousel twice and did the super-sonic style trampoline ride (photos posted). We did some light shopping, had cookies for snack, and I ignored the required weekly HyVee grocery trip. Take-out pizza, therefore, ended up being our family dinner.

I guess you could say this will remain a very memorable Father's Day.

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