Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dancing Queens

Here's a view of my dancing queens from earlier this evening. Note that Molly is only interested in her sippy cup, and Lily seems to be attempting a jump, not a dance.

Another long day here - too much work and a few cranky kid moments. I am catching up on work tonight as I also upload this video. Night work has become a recent requirement for me. Whatever happened to being able to get my job done well in about 20 hours every week? Ah well, better than unemployment.

During my conference calls today, Claire ended up napping (without my knowledge) so I took her out on errands tonight until 9:30pm knowing that she wouldn't go to bed early tonight anyways. She was a hoot. Cracking non-stop jokes from the backseat and being the kid I wish she could be throughout the day.

In fact, she's still awake now ... so who knows what behavior she'll exhibit tomorrow.

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