Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Stifling Day

Poor Lily. She has that pathetic wet-dog look, with the pouty lip and all. When I snapped the photo, she was on her fourth time out for continuing to drink dirty water table water, and she wasn't happy. I think she totaled five time outs over the exact same issue. She doesn't like to listen.

And she's 21 months today (Molly too, of course). I just RSVP'd for the "NICU Reunion" at the hospital in August, our first reunion event, which makes for a good "then and now" comparison. Nearly two years later, I still haven't come to grips with Lily's bad start, and still, at times, expect a delayed shoe to fall.

On another note, today was super busy. Work continues to be insanely busy, so the kids got limited mom time today. Our biggest issue, though, was that Kyle stopped our air conditioning unit from working (thinking he was "fixing" it last night - instead he froze the line) so the stifling heat in the house all day was unbearable. Kyle tried fixing it again tonight, and the house is trying to cool itself now, but at nearly midnight our house temperature is hovering around 85 degrees. We won't sleep well.

At 4pm, I decided the 90-something degree heat outdoors was basically matching our indoor temperature, so I got the kids playing in water on the patio to cool everyone down. All the kids also had cool baths tonight to help with the heat. Which begs the question: how did people function in the days before central A/C?

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