Sunday, March 1, 2009

Goose Egg

I literally watched a goose egg appear on Lily's forehead (see photo, above eye). Claire and I don't know how she fell, but from the perfectly vertical goose egg line and her proximity to the door frame, we think she fell into the door frame while I was dressing Molly. I ran over to her, checked her face to see what was hurt, and watched how her face exploded in a goose egg within about 20 seconds. It was actually amazing to watch. I felt badly for her, but I was utterly fascinated watching her skin expand and turn purple at the same time. The worst part of the whole thing was I decided she needed to be iced, and no kids ever like body parts to be iced, so I had to hold her down while I put a bag of frozen peas on her forehead (it's a tip - frozen peas are flexible and form to whatever shape you need). I held her down for 10 minutes while I frozen pea'd her and she was one miserable, screaming child. But the bump looked slightly better afterwards.

A slow day here .... cooped up with 20-degree temps outside and Kyle working ... so I did the usual housework (laundry, cleaning), played three board games with Claire, and entertained the twins too. I had a quick outing to HyVee tonight for weekly shopping but that was the only time I left the house either yesterday or today. Blah. I did bring one of the toy strollers up from the basement for the twins to play with (e.g., fight over), and I enjoyed watching Lily push Molly in the stroller, although she couldn't make the turns so in the photo here she's pushing Molly into the cabinets. And yes, these pictures were taken today, not yesterday - the outfits are the same because I didn't feel like creating more laundry for myself so I dressed them in yesterday's (mostly clean) clothes.

This coming week my usual schedule is all messed up .... I'll do a half day at work Monday, be in the office all day Tuesday, and a few hours Thursday afternoon too. The nanny is unable to work tomorrow and Kyle is under pressure to finish some jobs so we're having to juggle both of our work schedules this week.

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