Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Clinic Night

Yes - Molly has another double ear infection (though it's not bad yet, and in fact, her mood is generally great). A clinic trip at 9pm tonight confirmed it. She did wake us up at 3am last night, so hopefully after the Augmentin, Motrin, and numbing ear drops we'll get a full night's sleep. I am getting so tired of this fire drill around here.

A typical 18-month-old milestone is that toddlers begin to put two words together. I was thinking the twins wouldn't make the mental leap for a while longer, but I may have heard Molly say "all done, momma" in the car ride home after the clinic visit. She was upset she had finished her slushie drink. I will listen closely to see if I get another repeat of this before I say she's met the milestone.

And is it sad that Molly clapped wildly when we drove up to the clinic? I think that says it all.

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