Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Job News and Fundraisers

I still have a job. However, I know others who are now out of a job, so the day is still a little sobering. I consider my fate to be a continuation of the status quo - we're just steady state. With the economy still impacting us, our financial pressures have not eased and in fact have ramped up considerably this month. We're at the end of our rope. And I don't see the Volvo selling or Kyle's business improving significantly any time soon, so we could be in crisis mode very soon.

On a lighter topic, I'm horrified that my 4-year-old is already being sucked into a school fundraiser. We have a brochure of frozen bread products she has to sell to help make money for buying playground equipment. I've heard my friends with "real" school-aged kids talk about the endless fundraisers, but preschoolers?! Really? I consider this a significant annoyance and refuse to find the time to bother my neighbors with the obligatory bread purchase. And two years from now, when Claire is in real school, my attitude on this won't change either. I'd rather ante up a donation than deal with asking neighbors to buy something they don't want.

Claire had a playdate at our house with Lauren today, and because it was a daddy-the-nanny day, Kyle had to manage four kids in the house. It seems everything went just fine. When I got home from work, Kyle left to finish a tile job for the night, so I had to fly solo for the night again. The kids were well behaved and other than Claire mentioning her ear hurt (oh please tell me she's wrong, because I put her to bed without medication), the night went smoothly.

While brushing her teeth before bed, Claire told me that Lauren's little brother was "glued" to their mother's leg, and I could tell she was repeating a phrase that confused her. I asked her if she understood what that meant, and she told me no. After laughing in my own head (realizing she thought he was literally Elmer's glued to the mom's leg), I explained that it's a phrase, a figure of speech, that means that he was refusing to move away from his mother. She seemed relieved by my explanation.

Ah, I must sign off ... just realized I have laundry in the washing machine waiting to be hung up to dry. It's too late to be messing with laundry!

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