Sunday, March 29, 2009

Melting Snow And Puddles

Molly is just now going to bed ... yes, it's nearly 11pm, and Kyle just got home from working, so he is putting her down for me as I've suffered through the last few hours of her attitude alone. Guess she's finally gotten the ear infection going herself. I'll have her checked tomorrow. Fingers crossed she sleeps through the night.

Today the sun came out and the snow melted. I took the girls out to play, and after trying to keep them out of the puddles for half an hour, I gave in and let them stomp and splash. They loved it. I imagine the water was absolutely freezing on their feet and lower legs but they didn't seem to mind. Photos capture the joy. I also had to post the photo here of Molly's reaction to the snow versus Lily's reaction - while Molly is quite happy you can see Lily crying loudly in the background. Lily was terrified for the first 20 minutes but got over it. I think that photo perfectly illustrates the personality differences between them. Claire also got to sit in Kyle's bobcat today.

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