Sunday, March 22, 2009

Three-Ring Circus

We had a 3-ring circus day. I took the kids to Sonic for lunch and we ate outside, only to find we were in what seemed like gale force winds, so we were all miserable [photo here, and yes, they're in the same outfits from yesterday] ... we had an "incident" playing outside this afternoon where I had to yell at the neighbor kid before she wildly swung into my 17-month-old and knocked her silly which sent her parents down to my house, angry with me for yelling at their child ... and then Papa had a long-overdue dinner visit and got to see the twins pull all sorts of hi jinx at the dinner table and Claire throw at least three temper tantrums. Yikes.

Calgon, take me awaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Oh, I guess that's my office time tomorrow.

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