Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow Shock

It's a good thing I'm finally posting today. If I had posted even yesterday, I would have sounded psychotically frustrated by Molly's nonstop crying. But after four days (yes, four) of her torturing the household with never-ending crying, a quick clinic trip (second one in the week) got us another ear infection diagnosis and the Augmentin has changed the volume in our home after just two doses. For the moment, I am thanking the world for antibiotics. The bad news is this is the second earache for Molly in just one month.

And shock, shock! of the world, we have made medical history here - the twins did not duplicate the sickness this time. Lily has stayed well, although Claire seems to have picked up a milder version of Molly's cooties. But Lily?! Staying well?! Amazing!!! This is truly my first experience with the twins not catching the same thing, and with Claire relatively unscathed. And certainly one or two sick kids is easier than all three at once.

I'm a little neutral on the day today - not overwhelmingly frustrated nor overwhelmingly happy. On the positive, Molly was far happier, took a full nap, and there was limited crying in the house today. Claire and I made chocolate chip cookies. Molly had me absolutely belly laughing while I watched her in the full length mirror tonight - she has finally "discovered" herself in mirrors, and she put on the best show I've ever seen out of a toddler. She winked and blew spit bubbles and pulled up her shirt to show off her bellybutton and smiled and tried to "touch" herself in the mirror and so much more. Absolutely hysterical and I regret we don't have a video camera for moments like that. And on the negative, Claire and I skipped tap/ballet class (one, because Kyle thought she had a high fever at 3am, and two, because Kyle had to work early today) and we didn't leave the house at all because it snowed. Yes, snow. Two days ago, it was 65 degrees. Today, it snowed four or five inches. Though Claire and I spent some time outside playing in the snow and she enjoyed the fun, I was annoyed by the blast of winter and was wishing for 65 degrees again. Kyle is also working again all weekend (today was snow plowing; tomorrow is a tile job), so I'm 100% on kid duty which can wear me down. I made sure to get some adult time last night with an old friend so that I could make it through the weekend.

Today's photos are from the snow scene outside and of the twins climbing on the box the new booster seat came in - as you can see, Molly looks pretty happy. Too bad that wasn't the case the past four days.

And for an unusual way to have twins, here's a news link for you:

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