Thursday, March 26, 2009

Toddler Stats

Lily, the freight train, ended up needing a breathing treatment at the "well-child" check up today (I guess we aren't so 'well' after all). And we got sent home with an inhaler to use four times per day. We got super lucky because we already had a "chamber" (the delivery device, like a mask, for the inhaler) from Claire's RSV incident three years ago so we saved ourselves $60 today.

Somehow the twins are nearly exactly the same size. Both weigh 22 pounds (25th percentile), which surprises even me because Molly looks a full pound heavier. I guess it's the bigger head. They're both about 32 1/2 inches tall (75th percentile), with Molly maybe 1/4 of an inch shorter, but that could just be nurse's error - heights aren't so exact with toddlers.

I'm off to administer the second breathing treatment for today. This ought to be fun.

Next up: Claire's first swimming lesson tonight.

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