Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Blast Of, Uh, Spring?

Sleet, hail, and snow - that's what we all expect during Spring, right? So it's March 28 and here we are with Kyle off snow plowing and 3-bean chili in our bellies. This just doesn't seem right!

The snow started later in the day, so Claire did have tap/ballet class and we ran an errand at Target and had lunch at Mr. Goodcents. We were home the rest of the day, with Kyle out running errands for a while and then he got called for snow plowing after dinner. I got the twins and Claire to bed. I don't think tomorrow will be much of an improvement - we'll be sticking close to home, cabin fever and all.

Photos are of scenes from today. Of particular note: the photo with the green tree leaves under the snow and ice, and the photo of my neighbor's trees, falling over under the weight of the snow and ice ... after brushing the snow off, he propped them up with ladders!

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