Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twelve Hours

So back to this personal time concept I discussed last night ...... well, today Kyle had an early morning meeting and then also worked late, so I had twelve straight hours of kids by myself. Not even a one-minute break. I had to wake up the kids this morning and then manage them all the way straight to getting the twins to bed tonight. Fortunately, the kids were actually quite good today (and importantly, work was slow), so it was a reasonably enjoyable but super busy day. The funniest part of the day was Molly figured out how to talk on the phone, so she had a super hysterical "conversation" with daddy on the phone today. If I only had a video camera ...

So in my 12 hours of kids, I did kid breakfasts, got everyone dressed for the day, got Claire looking good for school photos today, took Claire to school (of course the twins had to go along too, and we were still on time), picked up Claire from school, went to Arby's for lunch, took Claire to her last gym class (I didn't realize that parents got invited in toward the end, which meant I chased the twins all over her gym room), got the twins their naps and snacks for all the kids, played with the kids, washed sheets, made pork chops & gravy for dinner, hung up all the kids' laundry in their closets, picked up toys off the floor, fed everyone dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and then got the twins to bed. And then Kyle got home two minutes after the babies went down for the night. Oh, and I also got my job tasks done - that is, my gainful employment kind of work.

Just past 8pm tonight a friend randomly dropped by to give me an article from The New York Times, and once she heard I'd been on kid duty for 12 hours she took me out joyriding for 45 minutes to give me a mental break. We gazed at houses I'll never be able to afford.

And I have found myself a show about the family who had the two sets of identical twin quadruplets (one set of girls, one set of boys, same pregnancy). And they have the older sibling too. Oh lordy. They make my life look like a cakewalk, just like Jon & Kate of septuplet fame. I'm going to concentrate on the rest of the show now. Good night!

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