Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Update

Let's see ... since my last posting, Molly is using walking as her primary mode of transportation now. Woo-hoo! And on Friday, she figured out how to stand up on her own, so she's fully mobile now. Her gait is awfully unsteady, but it's a riot to watch them both finally toddling around (well, Lily doesn't toddle so much anymore - she's quite the accomplished walker now, even taking on hills quite nicely). Today I bought the twins tennis shoes (Target brand, $10 apiece, and very cute!), and so they're both re-learning how to walk in these bulkier shoes. I had forgotten what a curve ball new shoes are to young kids.

Lily hasn't given us much good sleep recently. She's night waking quite a bit, and it's wearing on her parents. We don't know if it's her ears or if she's just not eating enough at dinner. I am much better today from my head cold or allergy attack or whatever that was, but I was knocked down for a few days there. Despite how I've been feeling, I've really made the effort to get the kids outside a lot during the day to enjoy our nice weather. The twins are now obsessed with the outdoors - especially with swinging. Today they also learned the joys of sidewalk chalk and I could barely drag Molly away from it.

Kyle worked all afternoon today, but I took the morning with Claire to do tap/ballet class, a Target run, and lunch at Mr. Goodcent's. We finally got some mother/daughter time which we haven't had in about a month due to Kyle's weekend work schedule. She is always a great kid to be around when she's got my full attention. This afternoon she played outside with the neighbor kids which allowed me to get through several loads of laundry and clean out my laptop bag. When the twins woke up, I put everyone in the jogger stroller and walked to Babies R Us mainly for entertainment purposes. Molly continues to be a terror in stores, with Lily as mild as can be.

And although Molly has no patience in stores, I had a great lunch experience with the kids on Friday. I took everyone to Winstead's after I got Claire at preschool, and other than Lily refusing to eat the hot dog (because it was "different" than the ones we feed her at home), we had a great time at lunch. Molly was in a fantastic mood, pulling all her tricks out of the bag for everyone to see.

We are continuing to struggle with the eating thing each day. Claire and Lily (but especially Lily) are being super picky, while Molly is Miss Piggy and eats extremely well. The size difference between Lily and Molly is becoming quite apparent, which is no surprise given their vastly different eating habits. Lily has several daily meltdowns over food and we continue to take a pretty hard line with her - eat it, or be hungry. She generally won't spit out food (she's learned I'll just put it back in her mouth), but she just sits with the offending food in her mouth for the longest time, hoping she can get rid of it somehow. In just the last few days, I clocked her with one tiny slice of banana in her mouth for 18 minutes. A piece of enchilada, 8 minutes. Tonight, it was "taco casserole" sitting in her mouth for 5 minutes. The list goes on. We've got to get her past this food freakiness. It's stressful for everyone, and remember - I will not be a short order cook.

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