Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Warm Enough For The Park

With my work shuffling this week, today was actually a WFH day. Claire was grumpy all day (but the twins were great), so around 3:30pm I loaded up everyone for a walk to the park. I thought this would cure the grumps. The twins loved it, but Claire stayed grumpy! Urgh.

The weather warmed up enough to enjoy the outdoors for an hour and a half, and then I returned everyone home so I could start dinner. Claire ended up playing at the neighbor's house, Molly watched cartoons quietly in her playpen, and Lily entertained herself while I made chicken pot pie (which is quite time intensive when made from scratch). Kyle worked up until dinner time.

Photos are from the park today. We've gotten Molly to increase her walking, and today I watched her walk all around the house and also at the park too! This is an exciting development. While it poses some additional logistical challenges for outings (each twin going in a different direction), it also relieves me from carrying a child everywhere.

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