Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Bean Table

Firstly, I must give props to Miss Christina for teaching me about bean tables (all my good kid ideas come from other people ... I'm not that creative). Instead of filling a water activity table with water, you fill it with dried beans (I bought a 5 or 10 pound bag at Sam's Club, and we re-use them time after time). The kids love scooping and touching and throwing them around. It's this amazing tactile experience for them, and it holds their attention for the longest time.

So I guessed wrong about the weather - the day was just warm enough to play outside for a while, so after swinging for a bit, we got the bean table operating and the girls had a blast as the photos show [note on the photos - in the photo of Molly alone, note how she sucks in her bottom lip a little when she concentrates ... she has done this since birth]. We had a low-key Sunday. I finally got the extra rest I needed this morning. We walked the kids to Einstein's for lunch, I spent $150 at HyVee to get us through the week, and we played outside and grilled pork tenderloin for dinner (the twins gorged themselves on it).

And now I'm off for an after-dark walk with my twin mom friend! Tomorrow ... back to the office.

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