Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Turn For The Worse

10:35pm news flash: At 9:10pm tonight I had to take a crying Lily to the after-hours clinic for confirmation that she has a double ear infection. We returned home at 10:05, dosed her with Molly's Augmentin (we'll fill Lily's prescription tomorrow), Motrin, and numbing eardrops, and hopefully she's asleep now and a disastrous night is averted.

And either that 1 1/2 hours outside today got my allergies going, or I've come down with a ferocious head cold myself. Even if Lily sleeps well tonight, it looks as though I won't - I can't sleep with a stopped up nose!

Sigh. Our decent day (other than Claire's grumpiness) definitely took a turn for the worse.

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