Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Half Birthday

The twins are 1 1/2 today. Amazing. I feel unapologetic joy that I will never deal with the baby phase again, especially for two at one time (yet, I admit, at the same time I feel guilty for "missing" their infancy, being too caught up in the craziness to enjoy much of it). I am really beginning to enjoy the girls as they become their own little people and work hard to communicate with us. The defiance they show is almost laughably cute in comparison to what I know it'll be in another six months and on up through the years.

Too bad that the 18-month mark was "celebrated" by another trip to the after-hours clinic tonight. Ah, yes, the expected ear infections hit. Lily has a double, but Molly (the truly cranky kid) is perfectly fine. Hmmmmm. Tomorrow is the twins' official 18-month "well child" check up with the regular pediatrician (and no, I couldn't wait another night to get their ears checked by her tomorrow, but yes, too bad we doubled up on two doctors' co-pays within 24 hours). Again I will discuss ear tubes with her. The after-hours clinic doctor went the extra mile to document the number of ear infections for each kid since last May, and it's surprising (or not, if you read this blog regularly): 9 for Lily and 7 for Molly. I suspect there's one extra in there for each girl which the regular pediatrician diagnosed herself. The doctor did mention that Molly's right eardrum looked like it had hardened a little from all the (nearly ever present) gunk in there, so I need to quiz my pediatrician about that tomorrow. That sounds a little scary.

Today was an office day for me while Kyle was home with the kids. I came home for lunch so I could check the twins' moods, but otherwise I was busy at work. Claire got a surprise visit from grandma and she finagled a bunch of stuff out of her at HyVee. Exactly at the time they were shopping HyVee, my friend alerted me to a known sex offender who has been stalking moms and kids at our HyVee for the past month, so I had about 15 minutes of panic imagining my mother being oblivious to some creep's efforts to mess with Claire. All was fine, but I'll be on the lookout for this guy from now on.

Tomorrow night is Claire's first swimming lesson. We'll see how the evening goes - it'll be quite a challenge to get everyone fed and get her to swimming class by 7:05pm!

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