Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Break From Cabin Fever

The photos today show Claire and Molly having a snack outside at Dean & Deluca. Lily is conspicuously missing because she is still in atrocious behavior mode despite starting the antibiotics and getting regular doses of Motrin. I refused to let Lily's mood get in the way of the rest of us enjoying the amazing weather today, so Kyle stayed home with cranky Lily and Claire, Molly and I went to a park and then to Dean & Deluca for a snack afterwards. By snack time Molly was super tired so she made a scene at Dean & Deluca, so I had to take them to a table outside to finish the food so we wouldn't torture the patrons inside with an overtired toddler. And though there's really no value in pointing this out, I will mention that watching two kids today was far easier than watching three. I'm not downplaying the work of parents with two kids of different ages, but trying to manage twins and Claire at a park by myself would have been impossible. With Lily at home sleeping, it was do-able to have a park afternoon.

Claire and I had our usual Saturday morning - tap/ballet class (where some girl threw up on the floor during the class, ugggggggg), then an errand to Target, and then lunch at Waffle House. Then we returned home to get everyone for the park but Lily was clearly not in good enough shape for public exposure so that's when we adjusted our plans. I am praying we don't get our fourth round of the puke thing thanks to the dancing vomiter this morning.

I am closely monitoring Molly for signs of an earache but she seemed fine today. No guarantees going forward though. The kids aren't fully congested - they have slight runny noses but can still breathe through their noses - but that's enough to give Lily an earache and sometimes Molly too. If Molly skips an earache this time then we may consider Lily for the tubes and not Molly, at least initially. Lily is just so miserable, glassy eyed and perpetually crying, and unfortunately that makes us all a little miserable.

Tomorrow the weather cools off into the 40s - better than our recent weather but still not as nice as today. At least today we broke the cabin fever a little.

Oh, and by the way, do I even need to mention my shock at the lady who just gave birth to octuplets? She already had six kids!

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