Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Gorgeous Day For Winter

We had an absolutely beautiful day for winter: sunny, and it got close to 60 degrees. I picked up Claire from preschool, took the kids to Culver's for lunch, and then got everyone home so we could play outside for a while. The twins loved being outdoors! I took so many photos that I'll have to do a couple posts to get them all here (I'm limited to five photos per post). Then Claire played with the next-door-neighbor teenager for the afternoon while the twins napped and I worked and did laundry.

The first set of photos includes pics of the twins together and one of Claire (who, by the way, is looking through her magnifying glass at dog poop in the neighbor's yard ... but I didn't realize that until later thanks to being preoccupied with photo opportunities).

Oh, and please ignore the ketchup on Molly's face.

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