Friday, January 30, 2009

Evil Earaches Strike Again

Just as I predicted last night, we had a rough night of sleep. Outside of our furnace quitting on us (which Kyle chose to ignore the fix until 5:30pm tonight so we froze all night/all day), Lily woke us up screaming in about two-hour intervals. So she woke up at 1:30am, then 3am, and so on. It was like having a newborn again, except you can't feed them and calm them down easily - she just screamed. And screamed. And killed our chance of decent sleep (including both parents and Molly - Claire slept through it somehow).

She also screamed most of the day. In fact, I clocked her at a nearly two-hour stretch of nonstop crying between 1pm and 3pm (when she normally would be napping). I dosed her with Motrin and ear numbing drops and waited for the after-hours clinic to open at 4pm. All the kids got dragged in, and yes, Lily has an earache (as I said she would) but it's only in one ear (unusual for her - she's the double earache baby) so she's acting mighty crazy for a single earache.

The photo is of her sitting zombie like in her crib tonight (sorry it's a little blurry), looking absolutely crazy and miserable. I feel sorry for her, but it's certainly tempered by the frustration I've felt starting at about 1:30am last night when the crying jags started. She is not an easy kid to have sick.

Molly still appears OK, though oftentimes her earaches follow Lily's by about two to three days so we'll keep a close eye on her behavior. Clearly this is making me think hard about those ear tubes, because I feel tortured by the earache fairy again.

I'm so glad it's the weekend. I need a break from the work thing after the layoff news this week. Tomorrow is tap/ballet in the morning and the spectacular weather (60 degrees or so) will encourage us to make the most of the afternoon.

Speaking of jobs, I heard about an interesting one the other day. So my longtime friend's sister has two kids, and one of the kids brought home head lice (oooog). This caught the mom at a time when her husband was traveling and the other child had the flu, so she was overwhelmed with all the washing instructions (let's face it, how do you really get it all washed and de-liced?). She found out she could hire a professional de-licer (however that might be spelled) who will charge her in the range of $1000 to look through everyone's head, wash hair correctly, and clean all the bed linens and everything else that should be cleaned.

Now tell me, what kind of person goes for that profession? I'm envisioning a TLC or Discovery Channel show based on weird jobs like this ... like that "Dirty Jobs" show but with a twist. Gross!

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