Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gym Class Fun

Claire really enjoyed gym class, and most importantly, she was asleep on time tonight thanks to the activity. The twins did beautifully at her class! I worked hard to get them to nap in the morning, but only Lily snoozed. I was prepared for an utter disaster with Molly, but she was so interested in the toddler play room we sat in (which has a window into the gym room) that she didn't cry one time. Of course the toys went in their mouths, so we'll be sick in no time. Urgh. If every Tuesday goes this smoothly I'll feel very lucky.

I got a nice surprise by the sight of one of my childhood friends - her son is also in Claire's gym class so I know someone that will be there every week! She couldn't believe I was there, but I explained that I was "cheating" by enrolling Claire in a workday class. Tuesdays are one of my slowest work days so I'm hopeful my cheating won't ever get me in trouble.

Tomorrow is the twins' ENT appointment and I'm a little anxious about how it will go. I'm not worried about the doctor's opinion - my guess is he'll tell me they're good candidates for tubes - but I'm worried about cranky babies at a doctor's office!

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