Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Titanic Tantrum

Claire threw the worst tantrum I've seen in months tonight. She continues to stay up too late (last night was 11pm) and today I ran her ragged so she'd go to sleep on time, so I knew it was coming. Today we went to lunch at Waffle House, went to JoAnn for fabric remnants and window box flowers for the dollhouse, went to Target, picked up our pottery (see photo! Claire's plate looks so cute), and then attended a 4-5:30pm birthday party where they ran around the parks & rec gym room. When I told her after the party that no, she could not have the chocolate party treats before dinner time, her tantrum started. She got it under control but the beast reappeared at bedtime when she had to put on pajamas. She screamed out of control in that evil devil voice and it was quite a sight. She was also asleep in minutes. Finally. Amazingly neither Kyle nor I lost control during her fit.

The weather was fantastic today, unseasonably warm, so I knew we had to make the most of it. The cold front is already coming in and tomorrow will be back to freezing temperatures. We also got spared Kyle's puke thing, so he must have had food poisoning. This has made me happy, but I was anxious for 48 hours waiting on the rest of us to get sick. My new prediction is that running around the parks & rec gym today will bring us a new sickness in about two days.

I'm working on some behavior "training" for Molly. If she's not screaming, she gets lots of praise and attention. If she starts the screaming again I withhold the attention. I'm hoping I can retrain the kid away from her recent obnoxious behavior (which even takes place in public). For Lily, we need to work on going down the stairs. Molly learned how to do stairs within about two tries. Lily still approaches them head on, and then tries to stand and go down, despite weeks and weeks of coaching. It's frustrating me (maybe a little too much) because I'd like her to learn so that I'm not carrying two kids down the stairs. I want to be able to (somewhat) trust both of them to handle stairs correctly. Lily is just a harder child to teach. If you show her something, she watches, then might try to imitate if you're lucky, but then loses interest quickly or starts laughing and isn't paying attention at that point. This also frustrates me because I worry this will be her mode for many years, causing developmental issues. Hopefully not.

Photos today are of Claire's plate and a few of the twins. In the photo on the stairs, the twins are throwing bean bag ladybugs down the stairs and thinking it's very funny.

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