Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back on Puke Watch

We're at it again. Kyle spent the day throwing up, so we're waiting to see who gets this next. That makes for two ruined holidays - both Christmas and New Year's Day - thanks to the norovirus cooties. I had a long day taking care of kids by myself, but I enjoyed it up until about 8pm when Lily wouldn't stop crying at bedtime (which is generally a bad sign as she only cries at bedtime when she isn't feeling good). I had to ditch my walk with my friend to figure out Lily's problem which frustrated me greatly. I was really needing some adult time tonight after a day of kids but I didn't get it.

I got the kids out to Wal-Mart for a supplies run and everyone was great until check-out time. At that critical moment, Molly went into full public meltdown (with all Wal-Mart shoppers staring and commenting) which was horrifying for me. By the time I got her in the car she was back to smiling and acting happy which just amazes me about kids. I then took the car through the car wash which, I guess, is the world's most terrifying thing ever, as the twins were scared beyond belief and screamed so loudly that Claire covered her ears for the duration of the wash. I found it both mildly amusing and a little frustrating. I also remember Claire had the same fear at their age, so I wasn't surprised by the reaction.

Tomorrow I'm back to work, albeit from home, assuming I'm not throwing up by then. One would think we could be allowed a break from sicknesses by now?!

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