Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Single Parenting, Night #2

OK, so tonight did not go as smoothly as last night. Two reasons: I'm on point for "letter of the week" snacks for preschool tomorrow (and this week is the letter "C", which we chose for our snack week because of Claire's name), so I came up with the idea to do iced sugar cookies in the shape of a C (see photo). I am not a dough maker - it's sticky, cumbersome, and is never the right consistency - but I nevertheless struggled through the baking tonight after the kids were in bed and have just finished. So yes, that was about three hours of kitchen time tonight. It's a good thing I microwaved dinner and had limited dinner clean up because I didn't expect an additional three hours in the kitchen. I'm sure an experienced baker could have baked these in half the time I took. They actually turned out OK - the taste is decent (kids won't care anyway), the icing is a pale pink, and the letter "C" shape turned out pretty good. Not a bad effort for a working mother. Do I get the mother of the week award now?

Lily is the other reason the night did not go smoothly. As I predicted, the ever-so-slight rattle in the back of her throat is turning into an ear infection (here we go again!), so she needed an after-hours clinic visit tonight. Could I do it? No. Kyle is gone, and I had C-shaped cookie effort facing me ... so I wasn't going to drag three kids into the clinic tonight nor was I going to ruin my baking event and commitment to Claire/the preschool. So we listened to Lily cry a bit, and I doped her with Motrin and numbing ear drops and am hoping for the best tonight. It's likely I have a long night ahead of me. What a shame ... but I expected as much. This could really alter my current thinking on those ear tubes.

Other than the crazy evening, I was at work all day (such peace!) and the kids did fine although the twins were a little underfed again today. Molly was cranky until she got her bedtime bottle (the one I'm supposed to be stopping ... the pediatrician is going to kill me) and she sucked it down in minutes. Even Lily drank all of her bottle even though she's not feeling good and generally won't finish bottles when sick.

Tomorrow when I have to take all three kids to preschool drop-off (not a fun event on a typical day, which is why Kyle usually does preschool drop off and I'm home with the twins), it will be four degrees below zero. We're going to be miserable. Friday won't be much better.

Clearly Kyle picked a banner week to be gone.

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