Monday, January 19, 2009

The Long Weekend Ends

The girls and I had a good day today. We went to Target to pick up Claire's "good behavior" toy (ok, I caved), then Panera for a snack, and then the pet store so the twins could squeal over real dogs. The babies were so exhausted that they napped a second time upon returning home.

I made a simply awful dinner. I think this is only the second time I've dumped food in the trash, and I was very disappointed. I tried to be creative with some ground pork by making pork and green chili burritos, but the ground pork itself had a nasty flavor. Yuck. So we all made do with canned soup and sandwiches and such.

Tomorrow starts the workweek, school and gym class for Claire, and some finger surgery for Kyle. I've also got a buyer for some of our unused toys so I'll offload a few items tomorrow. I'm doing my best to clean out our old, unused toys and I'm finally getting some interest. If only someone would buy the Volvo now .... oh yes, have I forgotten to mention we still have that car? Sigh. Thanks, economy.

Good night!

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