Monday, January 5, 2009

Busy Week Ahead

Tomorrow kicks off a reasonably busy work week schedule. In the afternoon Claire starts her parks & rec gym class. I truly hope I don't come to regret signing her up for a class during a WFH day, not to mention the class takes place during the twins' usual afternoon naptime. I'll have to split their usual one nap into two naps on Tuesdays going forward. I know Claire will enjoy the class, though, and it will help her get to bed on time. She needs the activity.

Wednesday is the twins' ENT appointment (which will be a struggle I'm sure) and Thursday is Claire's back-to-school day and the twins' 15-month well child check up. Saturday Claire's tap & ballet class starts up again and I'm really disliking the 9:15am start time ... that's super early for us on a Saturday.

Today I had a low-key office day, and it was just what the doctor ordered. I also made leftovers tonight for dinner (white beans and ham) so that made dinner prep easy. Molly sat calmly through the entire dinner - not one screaming incident from her! I don't know if this was a fluke or we're making headway in her behavior training. I'm really determined to reduce her frustration and teach her that good behavior gets more attention.

The History Channel is doing some kind of Armageddon Week thing and I got sucked into watching some of it last night. Talk about depressing. I always feel guilty for bringing these kids into the world with all the dire predictions about our planet, but these shows really hammer it home. I'd like to believe there is a more optimistic future for them but I have a nagging belief that the future holds some unpleasant surprises (drastic climate change or something similarly destructive) which provides me with endless fear for them. My own parents got lucky - I doubt these concerns ever crossed their minds when I was young, and I'm doubtful they give it much thought even now (hey, Papa, I'll confirm with you later). But I do obsess a little too much about it, and recycle, and gripe at Kyle over being wasteful, and try to teach Claire about taking care of the earth. Obviously these small efforts won't fix anything but it calms my fears a little - hey, at least I'm taking some action here. And I fervently hope that my fears are never realized.

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