Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Round of Sickness

Today was my team meeting day at the office, and I didn't get any better feeling about the layoffs. In fact, I walked out of our meeting feeling a little worse because my boss mentioned we are all "interchangeable" and that's what is a little scary about this. I'm feeling frustrated we have to wait to hear our fate - it's employer torture.

Other than the couple hours I spent at work, I was home with the kids who have come down with a mild head cold (at least mild so far). That means we will end up with a round of earaches. Oh yipeeee. Let's see how I feel about those ear tubes in about a week.

Claire's foot seems fine now, but she is cranky, and I assume the head cold is causing that. She was awake for hours in the middle of the night last night which was not fun. Kyle manned the first stretch and I manned the second from 4am-5am.

I forgot to mention the milestone the other day, but the twins did just turn 16 months on the 25th. 16 months! Wow. In very different ways, I realize that neither of the twins is as mild-mannered a toddler as Claire was, but then again, Claire didn't have a sibling stealing toys and she wasn't fighting for my attention. So maybe it's impossible to compare them like that, but it has changed my opinion of this age group. I loved Claire's 12-18 months stage - she was cute and not temperamental and learning so much. In comparison, the twins cry a lot. A lot. Lily cries this loud plaintive never-ending cry when people take toys away, and Molly screams when she doesn't get her way, thrashing and yelling at an extreme pitch. Whew. My sister noted my "three ring circus" on a phone call today thanks to all the kid noise in the background of our call.

So on that note, I will go enjoy my peace for a few moments and get to bed early. I suspect someone will be up in the middle of the night tonight. I never have kids who sleep through sicknesses, and Lily has already woken once with a little crying 20 minutes ago.

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