Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Single Parenting, Night #1

It's basically 8:45pm and I have all three kids to bed. None are asleep, but they're happily in bed. The evening went just fine, absolutely smooth ... so far, so good.

Kyle actually left later today than I had realized he would, so he helped us until around 2:30pm today. He took Claire to preschool, joined us at lunch, and watched half of Claire's gym class (where Molly fell in the baby room and gave herself a goose egg on her forehead). Since 2:30pm I've been on my own, and all has been quiet and peaceful. I even had a relatively busy work Tuesday but managed to get it all done.

The house is already cleaned and the dishwasher running, so I am debating some tv/reading time versus picking a house project to start and finish tonight - like cleaning out a closet or something painfully boring like that.

Last night I saw "The Reader" with another twin mom friend - it was my "gift" to myself before I was cooped up with kids for five days by myself (and can you believe a Monday night movie only costs $5? What is this? 1990?) - and I really enjoyed it. Very haunting, very thought provoking. Just as Newsweek promised. Also a little gratuitous on the naked scenes with the two lovers, just as Newsweek promised. I highly recommend it. Next up: "Revolutionary Road" also with Kate Winslet, which might cut a little too close to home but I enjoy movies making me a little uncomfortable in that way.

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