Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Nanny Challenge

The nanny had a heck of a second day, on her own for the first time with my three. Molly wouldn't sleep and cried every time the nanny tried to make her nap (I'm assuming teething issues, as Molly was up for over an hour in the middle of the night). Lily was needy, wanting to be held all afternoon. So basically between teething issues and the new sitter the babies were all out of sorts. I promised her it isn't this hard all the time, and gulped a little, because quite frankly I think they are a little difficult for others to handle. Claire had to add insult to injury by telling the new nanny that the morning had been really boring ... ah, you've got to love kid honesty. The nanny took her $165 today and probably felt like running from my house. I did notice she was out the door within about 10 minutes - a record for any sitter around here.

No update from work on the new WFH policy. The suspense is killing me.

Tomorrow I'll be at the office for the afternoon (for my weekly team meeting, so actually with my new Monday/Wednesday/half day Thursday schedule I'm adding an extra half day in the office each week) while Kyle covers the house duties. Claire is having a playdate for the first time with another neighbor girl we've never really met.

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