Sunday, September 7, 2008

Costume Purchase

I love the internet. We recently got one of those Halloween costume catalogs in the mail and it has a Cinderella costume in it for $50. Fifty dollars!! But Claire was begging for it. Begging. So last night, I spent half an hour combing the internet for cheaper Cinderella costumes, and lucky us, I figured out our nearby Target store has a version for $17. So today Claire got to buy her Halloween costume - a bit early, I agree, but you know Target will sell out of these things in no time - and she is so happy. We even went to the mall today (a brief outing for the whole family, but the babies were crabby), and Claire made us go in the Disney store, and she wasn't even interested in their $60 Cinderella costume because she already had her Target version! Long live Target and the internet.

Last Christmas Claire got a small ballpit from Santa Claus, but it's got a slow leak in it, so it doesn't get used anymore. Tonight, however, Molly showed extreme interest in the deflated ballpit, so I blew it up again and Claire and Molly had a blast playing together! Molly thought it was hysterically fun. I was genuinely laughing watching her enjoy rolling around in the balls. We need to find that slow leak and patch it now that I saw how much fun this could be for the babies. Lily was napping so she didn't get a turn in the balls tonight.

Back to the grind tomorrow and the new nanny will start her first day with us. I will be home most of the day coaching her through our usual schedule. I hope she can handle our circus.

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