Monday, September 8, 2008

The New Nanny

Tonight's photo is of the twins at dinner - this is our new set up at dinner time. Forget those bulky high chairs, and they're like real little people at our dinner table which makes me laugh. It really is easier to use these boosters and have them eat at the table with us. They seem to like being included too. We've also got them eating our food as much as possible (rather than making lots of separate meals) so tonight they're eating chili. They immediately got baths afterwards. Claire decided she wanted to take a shower at the same time so she got herself clean which was quite handy.

Today was our first day with the new nanny. I spent all day acclimating her to our home and schedule, but I did have a meeting in the afternoon so I left her here for two hours alone with the kids. She seemed to do pretty well, and Claire enjoyed playing with her. It's impossible to say on the first day whether someone will work out, but it was a good first day. Nevertheless, everyone is exhausted. Transition time is tiring. I just got invited on one of my coveted nightly walks and can't even find the energy for that.

So my new work schedule will be Mondays and Wednesdays in the office with the other days at home (conveniently my WFH days are the preschool days so I can do drop off/pick up), unless my boss bows to the pressure of the new 1-day WFH policy and requests a change. This still remains to be seen. No update from work today - I'm still in a holding pattern.

Molly has a new "trick" - if she hears the word "bye" she immediately starts waving, so she's put that together. Lily will wave on command (as will Molly) but Lily hasn't made the connection between 'bye bye' and waving yet. I really, really thought Lily would be walking by now but she is surprising me by not progressing to that yet. Sometimes it's the fast, efficient crawlers who don't want to walk, and this might be her deal.

My surprise (sort of) is that neither baby seems to be using any words yet. Claire was saying three words by her first birthday (dog, daddy, ball). The babies aren't. Of course Claire had nonstop one-on-one attention and only adults in the house, so that encouraged her to talk. The twins' environment, I suppose, isn't the best for learning to talk. My question for their 1-year check up (coming up soon) is to ask the doctor whether twins tend to talk in a delayed manner compared to singletons. It seems logical.

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